Recipe: Mango-coconut pie using duck eggs

I finally found some coconut flour for sale in my area and I immediately wanted to use it in something delicious. I stumbled on this recipe in one of my mom’s old cook books and I adapted it to work with coconut flour, not wheat flour. I also used duck eggs instead of chicken eggs….

Keeping egg production up

Every chicken owner knows that egg production takes a nosedive when the days get short in fall. There is an egg season just like there is a cucumber, apple or tomato season. Most people who keep chickens to avoid buying eggs in the supermarket will prepare for this by either freezing eggs, pickling boiled eggs…

Introducing: Muscovy ducks

Muscovy (or Barbary) ducks are perhaps most common type of domestic duck that you will find in Dutch and Belgian gardens. Since I was very small my family has often had Muscovy ducks, which we bred for meat and eggs. Several years ago, we decided to keep less animals in the garden, so ducks needed…

Introducing: runner ducks

Ducks are an important part of the Lowland Homestead. Where chickens prefer their living space to be dry, ducks thrive on the humid, cooler weather conditions that are so common in the Netherlands. The breed we know as the runner duck, is originally an Indonesian breed and is well adapted to life around rice paddies….